Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There's more to life then being skinny and running ?
some days i would say i just dont know, one thing has become clear to me in my old age. The majority of women HATE their bodies. I am not saying that i am any different but it gets old, stretching ones self out infront of the mirror naked or clothed, pinching anything that one can grab, trying to make fat on the serface of ones muscle jiggle, so that one can tell themsleves they are fat. gross. ugly..undesireable.. reflecting on a conversation i had with my roomate earlier..
Me:UGH I need to go to the gym I FEEL like i am 500lbs...
how is fat a feeling? people pose this question but if your a woman you seem to understand exactly  what that feeling is...Insecurity, self doubt,self loathing, dissapointment.. Now when you find yourself jelous of the muscle tone on a seven year old then you have problems.
My conversation about excersise revolved around the way that i look, feel want to look.... instead of what is good for my body. it wasnt.." I want to excersise because i want to have a healthy heart"
Its "I want to look better" In my opinon this is a major problem with women/people in america and around the world today. in my age group it seems we all want to look better, yet no one wants to actually be physialogically stronger, sure a decrease of fat is moderation. But when a woman keeps track of her progress, very often it resmbles how one would weigh and measure a fish. Not how one would check  their physical health.

The modern day American Woman: Constantly under inspection by her own devices and wishing to be the size she was when she was 13

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